Visa Issued
  • Total Visas Issued In Year 2016 = 10,381,491
  • Family Visas /Immediate Realtive Visas Issued = 315,352 , Family Sponsored Preference Visas Issued = 215,498 , Diversity Immigrants Visas Issued = 45,664
  • Nonimmigrant Categories
  • Visas Issued = 10,381,491
  • B1/B2 Visas Issued 1,106,723

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US Immigration Visa is a company that provides consultancy help for US migration.

A panel of experts, specialists and attorneys assist aspirants from worldwide that want to visit or settle in US. Our team takes proper notice over your needs and gives appropriate Visa solutions. Our flexible payment options and comparatively low price is one of the reasons that make us better than others.

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We are referred as the top most immigration consultancy because of our expertise team. Our attorneys and lawyers are known as the best in their profession. We have maintained our dignity in giving legal solutions to our clients. Our team is very...

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U Visa

U Visa is a nonimmigrant Visa which is given to the Victims of crimes specified by the Law of US that are ready to as ...

Student/Other Education Visas

Students are welcomed in US who aspire to study here under Education Program. Visa is necessary to enter and stay in ...

Investor And Trade Visa

A citizen of any foreign country who wants to come to the United States should first take a visa. Whether it is for t ...

B1/B2 visa

When you are coming for business for a few days or tourism else to visit the United States of America, you need to ap ...

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  • 2006B.A. University of Washington
  • 2011J.D. Nova Southeastern School of Law
  • 2011Washington State Bar
  • 2014AILA Member

Karandeep Singh Pawar

LLC, 15 South Grady Way,

My Objective

I worked for Cingular Wireless as Data Control Engineer for two years between 2006-2008 when AT&T acquired Cingular Wireless and became the largest mobile phone company in U.S. My experience at AT&T helped me understand the corporate world and the effects of its decisions for the employees and our country. Our team at AT&T helped monitor its 3G network and helped lay path for a dynamic smart phone market. It is very important for any business to have a proper organizational structure and a great business plan to achieve success. A business plan lays grid for the future and a great organizational structure with a qualified team takes the business in to future.

Another paramount benefit of working in a large corporation as AT&T was that I had an opportunity to work with diverse group of people. I worked with employees who were from diverse cultures and countries of the world. Some were on H1b, L-1 visas and some had changed status from their student visas but all working towards to become permanent residents of US. This experience shone light over the opportunities US and US entities provide qualified people to achieve success and fulfill their American dream of freedom and success with hard work and commitment. As an immigrant myself, I have been working on this dream as well

Therefore, at Pawar Law we guarantee hard work, understanding and dedication to realize your American dream. I am looking forward to work with you.

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