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Family Based Sponsorships

The USA immigration allows several foreigners who have family members in the United States or are living with family members who are US citizens for quite a while and are lawful residents of this country to apply for a green card which is the permanent citizenship. If you are the spouse, a minor child or the parent of the US citizen, you need not worry about a long process for the immigration.

  • F1 – First preference: Unmarried daughters and sons of age 21 years or older of a US citizen can easily get their visa through their parent.
  • F2A – Second preference: Spouses and children of below 21 years of lawful permanent residents can apply for a visa with their father or mother at the same time.
  • F3 – Third preference: Married daughters and sons who want to apply for citizenship along with their spouses can get family sponsorship.

In the case, you are currently residing in the United States;you have to meet a few requirements in order to apply for your green card through family sponsorship

  • First and the most important step is to properly file for the Form I-485, which is the application to register for the permanent residency.
  • If you are inspected and admitted or paroled in the united states, you can apply for the citizenship
  • You need to be physically present in the country when you are filing the application and documents. Other than this, you need to be eligible for the immigrant visa.
  • You have been legally working in the country or studying in the united states, and your parent who is a permanent citizen of the country is with you.
  • You have not committed any felony, broken any laws or done any illegal jobs during your stay in the United States.
  • If you have been living in the country from the past 3 years or more, you will be able to get your family based sponsorship green card or visa easily. For those who are in the military must follow a different procedure in order to get their permanent citizenship in the country.
  • Get your Form I-130 filed through your family member on your behalf. All the documents and filing should be done correctly.
  • You can also file for the Form I-485 along with the 130 to get your procedure done faster.
  • Lastly, you must come in the country for a job or study purpose. If you are planning to come here just to roam around, you cannot opt for a visa longer than 2 months. Please read all the regulations and rules before you apply for the immigrant visa through family based sponsorships.

For close relatives, cousins and family friends, the procedure for applying through family sponsorship is completely different. Please talk to the immigration officer for details.