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Investor And Trade Visa

A citizen of any foreign country who wants to come to the United States should first take a visa. Whether it is for temporary stay or for business, you need a visa without fail. The Treaty Trader which is the E-1 visa and the Investor which is the E-2 visa are essential. If you are visiting the country for some substantial trading work like in goods and technology then you need the trader visa. If you are coming to invest an amount in operations or want to develop any enterprise in the country, you require the investor visa.

When opting for the investor and trade visa, you need to qualify in order to apply for it.

  • You should be the citizen of a treaty country like Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, etc.
  • Whichever trading firm you are coming to deal with in the country, it should have the nationality of your country that means that they should own at least 50 percent of the company.
  • There should be about 50 percent of trade involved between your country and United States.
  • When you come for trading work, it should involve exchange of goods, technology and services. The items should pass from one party to another without any legal issues.
  • Lastly, you should be the essential employee of the company or a highly specialized worker in the firm. Ordinary workers or unskilled ones will not qualify for the visa.
  • Investors coming should be a person, partners or corporate company and should be citizens of the treaty country.
  • You need to come to the country for a substantial investment with funds and assets. It should be sufficient to successfully finish your operation.
  • The investment should take place in a real operating enterprise that is active and is a working firm. A paper organization, idle investments and speculative will not qualify. Other than this, uncommitted funds in the bank are not investments.
  • This investment should generate more income than just for family or living expenses or at least have significant economic part in the country.
  • If you are not principal investors, you will be an essential employee which will make you ordinary skilled worker. Only high skilled professionals are qualified to apply for this visa.

First and foremost, fill out the visa application which is the form DS- 160. Once you have completed the visa form, you must take a print out of it. Other than this, you need to upload your picture (a passport size which is for visa). The requirements for the picture are that you are dressed in formal or semi-formals, your entire face including the full forehead and ears should be visible. You can find out more about the photo requirements through the immigration agent.

If you are looking for an investor and trader visa, you must follow these steps to successfully get your application approved.