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Naturalization/Citizenships Filing

Every year, the United States has over thousands of immigrants, who want to settle down in the country. It was recorded that from the year 2001 till the year 2014, the naturalization number went to about 675,000 approx. people. Wondering what naturalization is? It is basically when a citizen from another country becomes the citizen of the country they are planning to move to through the perfect legal procedure. Basically, you must stay in the adopted country for over five years.

The naturalized person will make the country their permanent residence for the coming years of their life. You need to follow the law, have no immigration violations in the record and adapt the local language as well as take an oath of the allegiance to the country. When you move to the United States, you will be granted your permanent citizenship once you have fulfilled all the requirements that are compulsory from the Immigration and Nationality Act. Make sure you are not doing anything illegal in the country as that can put you in trouble and lead to deportation too.

In order to apply for citizenship, you need to file the Form N-400 which is the vital application for naturalization. You can find help from experts at the immigration office to know what you need to prepare for when it comes to the examination. You have to learn English, brush up your US history, civics and also keep up with important events that happened in the country.

You can find test papers and questions on how you can prepare for the exam. In the case, you belong to the military and want to become the citizen of USA, you need to follow a slight different process.

  • If you have been living in the USA for the past 5 years and counting as a resident with a proper job, you are eligible to apply for the citizenship.
  • You need to have your permanent residence address for 3 years and more. Other than this, when filing as a spouse for citizenship, you need to meet all the eligibility requirements which you can find out from the immigration office.
  • For children who are born outside the USA but are growing up in the United States can get their citizenship through their parents. But you must make sure to get all the documents in place in order to fill out necessary form details.
  • If you have a clear police record, no legal issues, have a house in the United States, a proper job with a good package and if you have been residing here legally for quite a few years, it is a must that you apply for the citizenship.
  • If you are already a citizen of USA and in case you are an adopted child or biological child who just moved to the country before the age of 18, you will automatically become a citizen.

Get your citizenship for the United States through some easy steps today!