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Permanent Residency Asylum/Refugee

The US immigration will allow asylees to opt for the permanent resident visa after they are physically present in the country for more than a year since they were granted asylum. Wondering what the eligibility is for the green card application for the asylum visa?

  • The most important part is to file for the form I-485 which is the application to register for the permanent residency or adjust status for the country.
  • You need to be physically available in the country when you are filing the form. No one can do it on your behalf.
  • You must be living in the United States for over a year after you were granted the asylum.
  • You need to continue to meet the requirements of the refugee or have to be the spouse else the child of one.
  • Your asylum grant is not terminated, and you are lawfully eligible to stay in the United States.

If you are a principal applicant who is already granted asylum, then you need to submit these documents in order to apply for your green card,

  • Along with your form, you need to submit the proof of your asylum grant which is either a letter, decision of the judge, Form I-94, your arrival records and other documents related to your principal application.
  • With this, you must show an evidence of your one year stay in the United States
  • Two passport photographs with a copy of the government identity documents, birth certificate copy, passport copies with the important pages marked, parole stamp which is issued by the immigration officer of the United States and a medical record of your vaccinations. This is the form I-693, which you can submit together with rest of your forms.
  • You must have all the police and court records to see the criminal charges or convictions of any kind. You must also submit the form I-602, which is the application for refugee for the waiver of grounds of excludability.
  • Make sure you have not committed any illegal crime or broken laws which can get you into trouble for your application.
  • If you are a spouse, parent or the child of the refugee, you too must apply for the green card. You need to file the form I-485, and you should be currently living with the person, who has a valid principal applicant and is a granted refugee in the country.
  • If you were too granted asylum from the immigration offices, you couldfollow the steps written above for the green card procedure.
  • You are lawfully allowed to stay in the country and haven’t broken any laws.

Apply for your permanent residency as an asylee today and live in the United States for the rest of your life.