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Student/Other Education Visas

Students are welcomed in US who aspire to study here under Education Program. Visa is necessary to enter and stay in US and there are three types of Visa that a student can choose for his/her studies. A student must be accepted by University, Institution School or College in US before applying for Visa. Applicants are provided important documents by the institution and they can submit these documents within 120 days of approval of I-20 under USCIS. Student can travel within 30 days from start date of I-20.

This Visa is specially meant for the students seeking to get Academic Education in US at an approved College or University. English languages courses are also come under this section and need F-1 Visa.

F1 visa is a temporary student Visa that permits student from foreign countries to study full-time in any university, college, school or academy of US. Every university or academic institutions have their own rules for admission but all is done legally with US Law. Foreign students with F-1 status have to follow some criteria after arrival in US. F-1 students are required to complete their studies by the time mentioned in their form. All the information about the students is checked before issuing the F1 Visa.

M-1 Visa is must for foreign students who aspire for getting Non Academic Education in US.

M1 Visa permits a foreign student to study Non academic or vocational courses in US. Students can attend non academic or vocational school like trade school or practical training school. M-1 visa holders are not allowed to work during their study period. They have to show at the time of application that they are eligible to pay all bills and tuition fees for their course and stay.

This is Exchange visitor non immigrant Visa for researchers and scholars.

J-1 student visa is a temporary Visa for the foreign students who need practical training related to their academic program and is not available in their country. It permits student to study or complete training through approved government sponsor exchanged program while living in hostel as well as with American host family. J-1 Visa holders are eligible to study in degree or non degree course or internship that will be an achievement in their degree at their own country.

  • Firstly you have to choose a Study program and on the basis of that Program Visa can be applied. Our team will help you in selecting Visa Type according to your situations. Every Visa type requires specific qualification and you must have documents related to it.
  • Complete the non immigrant Visa online application DS-160 form. All information provided in the form must be correct as once the form is submitted, no changes can be made to it. Our lawyers will help you in filling the Form with correct details requires for Visa.
  • After successful completion of DS-160 Form you have to pay fee for Visa application.
  • You will be scheduled for Visa appointment. Login your account again that you have used to pay fee. After successful login, a dashboard will appear and on left hand side schedule Appointment option will be given. Click on Schedule appointment and now you have to schedule two appointments- one is for Visa Interview and other at Visa application Center. For appointment in Embassy or consulate you need three important documents.
    • Date of Payment of fee
    • Passport number
    • Ten digit barcode number from DS-160 confirmation page.
  • Following documents are needed for Visa application centre appointment.
    • DS-160 confirmation page
    • Appointment confirmation page
    • A valid passport to travel to US with validity six months beyond intended stay in US.
  • Following documents are required at the time of appointment at Visa Application centre
    • Printed copy of appointment letter
    • DS-160 confirmation page
    • Current and all old passports
    • Supporting documents as per Type of Visa

Documents are required for Visa according to its type. These documents must be completed and up to date as per on the date of application made.

  • Financial documents and proof of strong financial, social and family that will compel you to return to your country after your course ended in US.
  • Photocopies of Bank statement but make sure to show original bank books and statements with these photocopies otherwise it will not be considered.
  • Relationship proof is necessary if you are sponsored by other person.
  • Academic documents are also required.