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F1 Visa

F1 visa is a temporary student Visa that permits student from foreign countries to study full-time in any university, college, school or academy of US. Every university or academic institutions have their own rules for admission but all is done legally with US Law. Foreign students with F-1 status have to follow some criteria after arrival in US. F-1 students are required to complete their studies by the time mentioned in their form. All the information about the students is checked before issuing the F1 Visa.

Students seeking for studying English in US can apply for F-1 Visa.

Requirements for applying F1 Visa

USCIS follows the criteria for Interview and application of Visa. Complete documentation increases the chances of success and reduces the risk of Visa denial. Here are some requirements that are important for to be satisfied before Interview and documents to be attached with Application form.

At the time of Interview

Qualifying Interview is mandatory and one has to fulfill the criteria given below:

  • Foreign Residence:
    Applicant is a resident of other country and is willing to go back there after completion of studies.
  • Strong Financial condition:
    Applicants must fulfill the criteria of financial support. Applicant who is unable to show any financial support then Visa will not be issued.
  • Funding Institution or university:
    Applicants may study in the university or academic institution through which Visa is permitted.
  • Attachment with Home country:
    Applicant must show his/her strong bonds with the home country at the time of Interview. Strong roots with home country reflect good character and patriotism.

You have to provide proper documents that prove your residency in your home country, bank statements for proof of financial support, academic documents and other. Our team and support staff will help you in preparation of Interview as well in completion of documents.

At the time of application

Students seeking to study in US have to follow the application procedure. First of all getting admission in approved university is necessary. Universities will give brief details of requirements. Though every academic institution has their own criteria but some common details are need of every university. You will have to show that you have sufficient amount of money to pay fees without any work and your health insurance.

Once university or institution is determined that your application is complete, file petition with Form I-20. With this form, documentation is required based on the home country policies. Some of the common requirements for applying are provided below

  • Non refundable application fee should be submitted with form but keep in mind that if Visa is not approved then you will not get money back.
  • Fill Form DS-160 and it is mandatory for all the applicants. IN addition male candidates have to fill form DS-157 with this form.
  • Applicant must have a valid passport to Travel US. Validity date should be six months beyond the planned stay in US.
  • A digital colored photo taken at most six months earlier.

Working on F1 Visa

F1 Visa holders are eligible to apply for working OFF campus up to 12 months. This permission is called optional Practical training. IT permits the students to work in the field related to field of their study. You will get more information regarding this permission by our Experts.

This permission can be used in three types:

  • Full time work during period of recess
  • Part time work during F-1 student’s studies
  • After graduation in field related to study program.

Preparation for Interview

USCIS has various laws and rules that resist students from getting education in US but our specialists are very experienced with complete knowledge. We will help you in US Immigration by completing your documentation and preparing you for Interview. We provide Visa solutions that will never let you away from getting F-1 visa.