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J-1 Student Visa

J-1 student visa is a temporary Visa for the foreign students who need practical training related to their academic program and is not available in their country. It permits student to study or complete training through approved government sponsor exchanged program while living in hostel as well as with American host family. J-1 Visa holders are eligible to study in degree or non degree course or internship that will be an achievement in their degree at their own country.

Types of Student J-1 Visa

There are two types of J-1 Visa for foreign student under various programs approved by USCIS

  • J-1 Visa for Secondary students
  • J-1 Visa for University students

Requirements of J-1 Visa

Before applying for J-1 visa, applicant must satisfy some requirements set by USCIS. Secondary and University students have different policies to follow. Schools and Universities have different program under which foreign students are accepted.

For Secondary students

Applicant is qualified for Secondary school student J-1 Visa if

  • Applicant is accepted to participate in any of education program by certified secondary School in US.
  • Applicant shows that he/she has sufficient amount of money to finance education without working in US during their Exchange program.
  • Applicant aspires to return his/her country after completion of studies.
  • Age of applicant must lie between 15-18.5 otherwise he/she is not eligible for J-1 secondary Visa
  • Applicant must not receive more than 11 years of secondary and primary education. Please note that Kindergarten is not included in it.
  • Applicant has never previously participated in any Exchange program in US and meets all the specific requirements of its sponsored organization.

For University Student

To qualify for J-1 Student Visa a candidate must

  • Sponsored or accepted by any accredited University or college for Post secondary course.
  • Follow all the requirements needed by the sponsoring organization.
  • Show that he/she is intended to go back to their country after completion of their internship or study.
  • Have sufficient funds required for paying the fees of institution during the whole duration.

Health and character requirements are mandatory for J-1 Visa application. A number of programs are provided by various institutions and universities in US in which foreign students are accepted for participation.

How to Apply for J-1 Visa

Visa is necessary for entering in US if you are Non US resident and for getting that Visa you need to apply for it. J-1 visa is for aspirants who wish to be part of any of the program by university or school in US. You need to follow the procedure to apply for J-1 Visa.

  • Finding a sponsor
    The first condition for J-1 Visa application is sponsor that will accept you in their educational program. Find a certified School, College or university and when they determined you eligible for their program then you can take next step for the application.
  • Submission of DS-2019
    Form DS-2019 is considered as official document that permits you to give interview at US embassy for J-1 Visa. Sponsor Organization will provide this form and filing this form is mandatory with the description of exchange program.
  • Payment of fees
    Application fees for J-1 Visa are needed to be paid by the applicant. SEVIS i-901 fees is paid under the name of Department of Homeland security. Another fee is for Non immigrant visa application that is $160 can be paid to Department of State’s fee for Visa services.
  • Interview with consulate
    This is the final step after approval of Visa application. Appointment details will be sent to applicant by embassy but it will take some time for processing. Some of the documentation are necessary while visiting for Interview that includes:

    DS-2019 form that is certificate of eligibility for Exchange Visitor status

    DS-7001 form ( needed to be filled by trainee or intern)

    Form DS-160

    Passport to travel US with validity date six months after planned duration of stay in US

    One 2X2 photograph


How we will help you?

We will assist you in arranging all the documents and make you aware of all the situations that could happen with you during interview. Our experts will prepare you for Interview and we assure you that your Visa will be approved by USCIS. You can contact us at anytime and our team will help you in getting all the possible details about the programs.