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M-1 Visa

M1 Visa permits a foreign student to study Non academic or vocational courses in US. Students can attend non academic or vocational school like trade school or practical training school. M-1 visa holders are not allowed to work during their study period. They have to show at the time of application that they are eligible to pay all bills and tuition fees for their course and stay.

Requirements for M-1 Visa

There are basic requirements that students should fulfill before filing petition under USCIS. Every aspirant student must follow the basic needs.

  • Candidate must be involved in full study course with a goal. Full study means studying in Junior college with the course of at least 12 semester or quarter hours.
  • For Vocational and Non academic curriculum 18 hours of weekly attendance is necessary.
  • Financial support is mandatory for the candidates as campus Jobs are not sufficient to pay the fees of these institutions and schools

Applying for M-1 Visa

Candidates can apply for M1- Visa after a certified University or school determine them academic eligible. There are certain policies of universities to accept foreign student in their campus. Every University has its own rules and regulations to determine a student academic qualified for their institute. Some of the requirements include convincing the authority that you are financial strong and can finance your education on your own; you are fit and healthy to pursue your education in US. For this purpose you have to show your bank documents regarding balance and health insurance certificates. Copies of all the statement should be kept by the candidate.

When you are determined as Qualified by the university then you can apply for M-1 visa. Application of M-1 Visa is not a difficult task if done orderly. Our team of experts is familiar with all the rules they will provide you their assistance in completing your documents and finding best university that suits your situation. All you have to do is providing documents that are required for application of M-1 Visa.

  • Applicant must pay non refundable application fees that is money will not be returned if application is rejected.
  • All applicants have to file a form DS-160. It will be submitted online and candidates must fill this form carefully.
  • Male candidates from age 16-45 have to fill a Form DS-157.
  • Passport is mandatory with validity date six months beyond intended stay in US.
  • A digital photo is required for completing the application. Keep in mind that it should be colorful with clear image and should be taken not more than six months from filing the application.

Working in US under M-1 Visa

M-1 Visa holders are not allowed to work on and off campus while studying.

Optional Practical Training

M-1 Visa holders are eligible for short amount relative Optional Practical training. IT means that they can take the training of one month for every four month of their study.M-1 students have to file I-765form with I-539 to extend the status. I-765 after approval will be an OPT card for students that they can use for getting paid work in US. While I-539 approval will be new I94 card that students have to surrender when they leave US.

Applying for OPT

Application requirements of M-1 Visa Holder for OPT status is different from F-1 students. The process includes:

  • Form I-765 with complete documentation.
  • Signed I-20 with OPT request with cover letters explaining situation of student.
  • Visa and Passport copy
  • Current bank statement
  • Copy of original I-20 and financial documents
  • Form I-539 with fees and Copy of I-94 card

USCIS may require other information for your application approval. In that case try to provide all the required documents immediately. Approval or denial notice will take some time to arrive after USCIS officials have done their investigation.