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L1 Visa

L1 Visa is a temporary Visa that allows transfer of a key employee of an International company to US for working in US branch of company. This Visa also permits the employee of International Company to establish or setup new branch or affiliate of the company. It is a boon for the employers for relocating their employees to the US office legally. Any US or Foreign organizations comes under the section of International Company. Employer is responsible for filing petition, paying fees on behalf of employee.

Types of L1 Visa

There are two types of L1 visa that are considered by US Law.

  • L1A- this Visa is issued to the executives and managers to establish the new branch of any international company they are working. Visa is Valid till 7 years and can be extended as per the requirement of the company.
  • L1B- This Visa is issued to the professional workers of international company that have brief knowledge of their work. Employers can shift their workers from abroad branch to US office with the help of L1B visa. Visa is limited to 5 years and is extendable.

Time period of Both Visas can be extended up to one, two or three years depending on the situation. But employee has to continue work in abroad branch for 1 year before getting extension.

Requirements of L1 Visa

L1 Visa procedure includes various steps and requires much legal information about employee and employer. Qualification requirements are same for both L1A and L1B visa. Health and character requirements are also mandatory for the applicant. Apart from this, employer and employee should meet certain criteria of USCIS. Some of them are provided below

For Employer

  • Qualifying relationship of employer and foreign company (parent company, subsidiary, affiliate, and branch) is must.
  • Employer is doing or will be doing business in United States and in other country directly or through qualifying organization. If the business is workable then there is no need that it be engaged in international trade.

For Employee

  • He/ She have been working for the qualifying organization in abroad for about one year continuously. Admission to the US has been done within three years immediately after completion of one year in the company.
  • He/she is seeking to provide services with best of their knowledge in US for same employer in his company.

Application Process

  • Filing the petition
    Beginning of Application for L1 visa is done by filing petition with USCIS on form I-129. Like other applications, documentation is mandatory in L1 visa too showing both US Company and subsidiary, parent company, branch, affiliate meet the qualifying conditions set by US government.
  • Changing Status
    Applicants present in United States can change their status from nonimmigrant (visitor, student etc.) while filing the petition with form I-129.
  • Notice of Approval by USCIS
    USCIS will send a notice of approval for form I-129 under the notice of action I-797. Using this notice, applicant can get Visa easily. L-1 Visa holders are eligible for filing the petition for permanent residency and also their spouse or family can stay with them if they qualify certain requirements.

Family of L1 workers

Policy of US government permits spouse and unmarried children (below age 21) of L1 worker to accompany him in US. These immigrants can get file petition for L2 nonimmigrant classification. Approved members can stay with the employee till his/her working permit expired. Moreover spouse of L1 worker can fill form I-765 that is application of employment authorization, if approved by USCIS, spouse is free to work in US in any company under several rules and regulations.

We understand the need of every business, so we know how important is for the employer to transfer employees to other braches for better results. Also we are familiar with the problems of employees that they can face in abroad. Our team of specialists will prepare you for further procedures related to application process. With our experience, we are aware of every single detail that is necessary for your business and employee in US. You can contact us anytime for any kind of US Immigration help.